Mail call! The art of Samantha Belfeld


Last week I posted a video on TikTok about doing art exchanges with other artists on the platform. Samantha Belfeld (aka @sammiethefist) was the first taker, and guess what came in the mail, today?

Check out the video below to see the awesome work she sent me, and then check out her account to see more of her incredible work!


Just got my first art trade from @sammiethefist and I can’t wait to do another one! ##arttrade ##arttradesopen ##art ##artist ##Homemade ##arttok

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Take a break!


Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, there!

If you're like me, you've probably been doom scrolling for the last several hours because today was a bit of a thing. Well, here's your chance to take a break.

I would love it if you just took one minute out of your life to watch me create some art, because this is literally all I have left to help me keep my sanity in these extremely trying times.

Usually, when I'm stressed out from watching an attempted coup on my country, I love to paint and draw and make these fun little videos. It keeps me distracted just enough so that I don't lose all hope in humanity and the future. Not that I had much, but when I went to bed last night, there was some cause for celebration. And now... Well... There's still a horse loose in the hospital, so...

Also, because of the completely jacked up way we've dealt with this pandemic, it's been hard to get out there and meet new people. Normally, I'd blame my anxiety for that, but whoops! All plans have been canceled, leaving me without the chance or reason to come up with excuses as to why I can't hang out and party. So, if you're an artist, go ahead and follow me on TikTok so I can follow you back.

We can talk about art, classic video games, movies — whatever! I have a ton of hobbies and no one to talk about them with!

As an added bonus, I would love to exchange some art with you! Go ahead and email me so we can exchange addresses. You love getting stuff in the mail, right? Well, so do I! So let's do it!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by! Hope you liked this video, and if so, leave a comment! Subscribe and like for more!


Take a break! Follow me and let’s trade art! ##Homemade ##artist ##arttok ##doomscrolling ##breathe ##relax ##watchmepaint ##artexchange ##abstract ##watercolor

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Blocks - 2-point Perspective Piece

04.jan.2021 21:00 hrs

Normally, I wouldn't post two art process videos on the same day, but I was kinda disappointed at the tepid response to my last piece. I know it's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I keep hoping for more. More likes, more follows... A better response. And anything would be better than several hours of nothing. How annoying.

As such, I went ahead and posted this next piece.

Like I said, I usually span these things out. I record myself working on several pieces — painting 2-3 new pieces in a single session so that I'll have plenty of content lined up. But with how easy it is to record on my iPhone, now, I couldn't help it. Instead of recording on my main camera and then editing on the desktop, I just do it all on my phone. Of course, this method presents its own drawbacks — not enough space on my phone for more than one vid, editing in TikTok is a huge pain in the ass, etc. If nothing else, it's taught me the importance of brevity... I don't waste space with hours of footage just to cut it down to 60 seconds worth of video that most people don't even watch, as is. Sad, but true.

Meanwhile, this piece, which I'm pretty proud of. In the last video I used warmer/cooler colors to create depth; in this piece I used saturation. Richer saturation gives the impression that an object is further away from the light source; low saturation brings them closer. At least, that was my intention.


##artist ##artistoftiktok ##artistontiktok ##perspectivedrawing ##artwork ##process ##artptocess

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New Penrose Tiling Watercolor Art

04.jan.2021 18:00 hrs

Getting in some hands-on time with the new ring light and phone mount for this painting. It works a charm!

For this piece, I wanted to use complimentary colors for shading to give more dimension to the tiles. Rather than rely on lighter/darker tones to show raised/lowered angles I used warmer/darker tones. I experimented with blending the colors, as well, to add depth. Turned out pretty well, I think!


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The Ultimate Vlogger Kit


Well, I finally got my stimulus check, so we went to BestBuy because I wanted a ring light and a phone mount — two items I've wanted for a while. I also treated myself to nice, refreshing Baja Blast Freeze. In the middle of a snow storm, no less!

I don't know why I pick the worst weather days to do things, especially when I could have gone out at any point between now and Friday, but it doesn't matter. The deed is done. I can finally shoot photos of my art without shadows or glare, and I don't have to awkwardly hold my phone or figure out where else to put my camera while I paint. It's an all-in-one system that even came with a microphone. The microphone was kind of superfluous, but we'll see how it holds up when I finally use it to record a voiceover for my next vlog.

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